A Versatile Delight: Halla Mountain Galbi

A Versatile Delight: Halla Mountain Galbi

Your most loved robata, Halla Mountain Galbi, now comes in Half Portion! 


'Halla Mountain Galbi,' an authentic Korean barbecue dish and has been a favorite among our diverse customers since its debut at Wawa Dining in Dubai in 2021. In our continuous effort to make this culinary gem more accessible, we have decided to provide it in a portion that will best satisfy you. 



This exquisite dish holds cultural significance as it often takes center stage in family gatherings, celebrations, and special occasions. The act of grilling Galbi is not just about the meal but also about the communal experience, where friends and family come together to share stories and laughter while savoring this beloved delicacy.



So, if you ever find yourself at WAWA Dining, make sure to treat your taste buds to a Halla Mountain Galbi experience. It's not just a meal; it's a journey through the tastes and traditions of a remarkable place.

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