WAWA Dining, an authentic Japanese restaurant in Al Barsha

WAWA Dining, an authentic Japanese restaurant in Al Barsha


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Humble place that serves real Japanese cuisine …

You would be forgiven if recently opened Wawa Dining under your radar. Unlike its flashy competitors, Japanese restaurant Wawa chose a more modest firing method. This, along with its dual interiors, is what attracted us to the concept in the first place.

Guests are found at the Golden Tulip Al Barsha. Guests will be greeted with kanji letters, geisha printed curtains and a small dark corridor before entering the venue. It’s izakaya (casual Japanese bar), so it’s perfect as a hangout after work.

Not many other guests visit us, but the guests are Japanese – which is a great sign of authenticity when it comes to food.


The menu is divided between appetizers, sushi, pasta, seafood, and signature dishes. Most of the panels are small in size and perfect for sharing. We were blown away by the soft fried tofu (47 dirhams) and we’d start with this dish. Five bundles of dough arrive filled with creamy tofu with fresh paprika jam on top. They are delicious and combine well with crunchy and smooth textures.


We were told that Salmon Carpaccio (56 MAD) is a must-try and gladly try. It’s a refreshing dish, with orange slices and truffle bonzo to balance the flavors. Usually Gyoza is a winner in any Japanese restaurant, but Wawa’s is exceptional enough to tempt us for a second help. It’s stuffed with Osaka beef (56 dirhams) and topped with teriyaki sauce before being topped with very thin and crunchy onion slices.

We order the volcano maki (53 dirhams) on a promise that it was “not too hot”, but we would have enjoyed his fiery sauce on the side because the wraps were completely covered in spicy aioli, which beat off the other flavors.

Currently the only dessert option is mochi flavored ice cream, so we opted for another gyoza instead.

Every dish is beautifully presented with the fine dining style you would expect at this contemporary DIFC bar. In terms of price, the dishes are not too far from their upscale competitors, but if casual dining is what you are looking for, follow the Dubai Japanese crowd and head to Wawa.

Wawa, Golden Tulip, Al Barsha, daily from 12 noon to 3 pm and then 6 pm to 12 am. Phone: (0) 4 501 6189. Embed a Tweet

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